School Speak

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“SchoolSpeak brings information and tools that schools need under a single login. We provide simple and easy to use tools that automate everyday tasks, whether it is a teacher recording student attendance, parent signing up for field trip driving or submitting medical and emergency forms online.


Communication Solutions

Communication is essential to a school community and is integrated into every component of SchoolSpeak. Whether you want to publish announcements, newsletters, school policies, schedules or reminders for the whole school, a class room or a club/team, SchoolSpeak has the right solution for you. Many schools using SchoolSpeak have gone paperless. SchoolSpeak’s personalized home page makes sure that every user receives all the information intended for him/her in a single page, in a concise manner, without having to click or search around. There is only one place to look and you won’t miss any information. There is no spam. Only information relevant to the user is shown. SchoolSpeak has integrated emailing and text messaging for schools to reach out to its teachers, parents and students. You can easily email and text the whole school, just a few grades or certain individuals.


Student Information System

SchoolSpeak makes it easy to manage student enrollment, take attendance, record grades, publish assignments, track student conduct and create report cards in school’s exact format. Students and parents receive a consolidated view of assignments, grades and student performance data and analysis. They are notified when new grades are posted or if the student is absent or tardy. SchoolSpeak’s centralized data enables administrators and teachers to check student progress anytime in few clicks. Data is archived at the end of the school year for easy access.”


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